2017 Nail Art Trends Workshop 
All That Glitters Salon & Spa

724 West G St

Elizabethton, TN 37643

Seating is Extremely Limited
To everyone attending this WORKSHOP, don't forget, here's what you need to bring:
1. a power strip
2. a table lamp (optional)
3. LED or UV lamp
4. a few colorful gel polishes including black and white
5. gel topcoat and a NO CLEANSE top coat
6. tweezers and scissors
7. a notebook and pen for taking notes
8. a table towel
9. dappen dish
10. All of your nail-art brushes that you have (including silicone tools if you have them)
11. files, buffers,cotton & liquids you would need to perform a gel manicure
12. snacks if you need them (we will break one hour for lunch)

I will bring the latest and greatest in Nail Art Goodies that I can share with you along with a free gift just for attending. I'll also "try" and have a small store for you to shop from. A small kit will be provided of things like your glitters, foils, etc.

This class is done using gel polish as our base medium. You must know the basic gel polish application prior to taking this course. 

Here are just a few of the items we'll be covering :
  • The Perfect Ombre`--never have a un-even or splotchy ombre` again  I'll show you how to get right and keep it that way.  
  • Gel Glitter Encapsulation
  • Metallic Leafing
  • Shattered Glass & Tumbled Stone
  • Sugared Nails
  • Chrome Relief Nails
  • Much, Much MORE!!

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