Happy Anniversary To Us

The month of October is quite significant to us at The Mobile Manicurist. It's the month I took the plunge and opened my business. We are celebrating FIVE YEARS strong, all month long. I though it would be nest to show you some then and now pictures.

In five years, we've been through THREE cars...

2010 Beetle

2012 Beetle at Biltmore Estate

2016 Beetle, Ivycrest Inn
with new logo & car wrap

We've increased our staff as well as networking with exclusively
 with Mitchell's Salon on 7th...in the beginning it was just me!

We take every class and educational opportunity we can possibly afford to better serve our clients.

And best of all, those clients that have been with us from the beginning, get treated to a dinner out with me and my staff for their five year anniversary. We have many of those coming up before the end of the year.

Check back next week when we feature our talented artist, Robin!

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