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Meet Ms. Robin...

When I first met Robin she was in beauty school with my daughter, Rachael. I had been told that she was good at nails and already had a position at a prestigious, up-scale salon. That was great!

However, from the moment I opened the Mobile Manicurist, I was crazy busy, and had a full clientele in only six weeks. Two months into my business, I was already looking to hire someone. I went through a couple of interns and they didn't last. They either didn't want to work the hours, or couldn't stay committed to the job. My daughter said "what you need is Robin"! This was ALWAYS coming up in our conversations. 

Fast forward TWO years! I was sitting at home one night and got a message from Robin wanting to know if I was hiring. I knew this was a God moment and within just a couple of weeks, she'd come on staff with me. Are you kidding??? That's all I've talked about for two years!!!

One of the first sets of nails Robin did in beauty school.

Here's her story!

I have been an artist my whole life, in some shape or form. I began playing flute & piano at the age of seven and discovered my love for drawing at 12 years old. I can remember being obsessed with all things beauty at a very young age. My Nana used to buy me the Lee press on nails and when the sticky tabs wore off, I'd use my father's wood glue to wear them for longer periods of time.

 As an adult I began working as a cake decorator for a local grocery chain. They only provide so much training, so when I left to stay home with my baby daughter, I taught myself more techniques and briefly taught classes at the local community college. I was getting very burnt out with cakes and just didn't have the passion anymore. I decided literally over night to go to Beauty school. This turned out to be the best decision I ever could have made. My passion was nails. I like doing hair, but nail art is where I felt the most comfort. Every pedicure or manicure client that came through the school's doors I was all over. I made triple the requirements needed for my licensing.

 I got a job at a salon after being in school for only a month. I learned a lot but constantly craved more. My beauty school friend's mother (Tracy) started going to nail school and she would practise on us! Well then she started her own mobile nail business! I started taking classes from her and I quickly learned there was so much more to this industry than I was being exposed to at the salon I was in. So just like my decision to go to beauty school, I decided to leave and work for Tracy.

 I cannot begin to tell you what that has done for me as a person and as an artist. She took me to my very first beauty show. I never knew anything about them before her. I was blown away! Education and camaraderie is what motivates me. The beauty industry is fast changing and trends come and go. If you don't stay on top of these trends and expand your horizons then what sets you apart from every other salon on every corner in your city? I love that I get to know each one of my clients so well and so intimately. I will see a nail color or a design and immediately think of the client that would love to wear it! They wear my master pieces for weeks at a time and will show them off to anyone that will look. That's what it's all about. I couldn't be happier with my dream job. 

I could not be happier to have Robin as part of #teamladybug here at The Mobile Manicurist! She is such a delight to work with and a wonderful addition to our team. Her work as an artist has completely changed since she came on staff with me. She had things inside her, she didn't even know was there! I'm so proud of how far she's come, but she hasn't touched the surface of where she's going. 

To book with Robin, please call or text: 
The Mobile Manicurist, LLC

Happy Anniversary #teamladybug....all month long.

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  1. Love Robin. Love her work, her talent, her enthusiasm and her sweet, sweet spirit.