There's No Place Like Chrome

Many of you have jumped on the chrome wagon only to have fallen right back off. Well I'm here today to provide some "first-aid" for your chrome wounds. Let's look at some challenges many of you are having and then I'll tell you how to fix them.

~Product is not chrome when I top coat..too sparkly
~Chrome won't stay on, chipping, peeling
~Top coat not shiny

Let me walk you through a few steps and recommend some products that will make you a chrome rock star! 

First of all, you need a cleanse free top coat. I've tested almost every brand on the market and these two perform best with chrome. 
If you don't have either one of these DO NOT ATTEMPT CHROME NAILS!!!

Max Estrada Shinee $9.99
You can order HERE

Crystal Nails Top Shine $18.99 (my favorite)
You can buy HERE

Second, you need chrome.  My favorite product, hands the Wildflowers Mirror Powder and their Powdered Sugar collection.
$24 for a container of 10g
You can buy it HERE

Powdered Sugar Stack $40
A fabulous combination of colored chrome powders and mermaid glitters.
You can buy it HERE 

Now you need nails. Go ahead and do your enhancement or natural nail service to the point that you have applied two coats of gel polish, curing between each one. I've used "FIVE APPLES TALL" by OPI.

Next, apply one of the top coats I've shown above. Look at your top coat as it's applied. Make sure it's even and has no streaks. Let it level just for a few seconds before you cure it. 60 seconds in LED or 2 minutes in UV.

I have used the Powdered Sugar Collection for this chrome tutorial. It's number 7 in the stack...the one with the pink star.
Here's how I applied it:
~tap on the nail with a loose brush, completely covering the surface with powder...don't be stingy!
~dust off excess powder with brush
~with a glove on your finger, rub the product into the nail, thus creating friction between the glove and surface of the nails.
The above steps produced the beautiful chrome finish you see in the photo.

Here's where it gets tricky.
Next you're going to apply a second coat of the SAME top coat you used above BUT.......please look....

1. you must completely clean off any trace of powder prior to your application. NO EXCEPTIONS! Look how clean I have my nail & skin in the pic above.

2. When applying your top coat use as little strokes as possible. Try to float your product on. If you keep brushing over and over, you will loosen the pigments you've just rubbed into the nail.

3. Top coat only one nail at a time and flash cure it for about 15 seconds in your LED lamp. If you allow wet product to remain on the nails while you top coat the others, this also loosens the pigments and will result in a sparkly nail.

4. Once all the nails have been top coated and cured for the full length of time, you will now apply a SECOND top coat to all the nails and cure again. Taking care to wrap the free edge with each application. 

5. At this point you may add any artwork you wish to use. Follow your standard protocol with whatever art medium you're using.

And there you have it. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your chrome issues. Please comment below with your email address.

Thanks for visiting The Mobile Manicurist today!