Feature Artist Of The Week

I first met Leila last November in Orlando, FL. We were both taking some extended nail art training with the worlds most successful Nail Olympians. We knew we were in for the hardest week of our lives. Long days, & even longer nights of no sleep due to prepping for class the next day. Throw into that mix jet lag & lost luggage! Oh boy...

Her personality was magnifying! She's one of those people that you can just be yourself around...you feel like you've always known her. By the end of the week, we were all exhausted, but I knew my connection with this beautiful artist, we be a lasting one. 

Today I want to share with you some of her stunning artwork as well.

Leila is certified in a variety of beauty applications, but her nail skills are in a class of their own! She is certified in acrylic, gel, and various forms of nail art.

She's recently expanded her repertoire, offering continuing nail education on several levels. She can be reached at nailartsbyleila@gmail.com or by calling 760-590-8561.

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