About The Mobile Manicurist

Tracy is the Owner/CEO of The Mobile Manicurist, LLC based in Forest, VA. She was working a full-time job at the time she obtained her nail tech license, a few years ago. What she "thought" was going to be a little side business immediately took off by leaps and bounds. She built a FULL clientele in only six weeks and had to quit her full-time job she'd been at for several years.

Today, she's the winner of numerous awards including MSN.COM top nail artists. She's been featured in Nails Magazine as well as Nail-pro numerous times over, and received many other recognitions. She won first place at the National Nail Tech Convention with her 3D entry piece of "James and the Giant Peach" nails.

She's the go-to artist for celebrities, but also serves her local clientele. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Music Education, a Masters Degree in Church Music, and a PhD in Music & Fine Arts. She's married to Rev. Keith Vinson who serves as Pastor of Pastoral Care, Tree of Life Ministries, Lynchburg, VA. When asked what she attributes her success to, she said "I always try to see myself as to what I CAN be, not what I am. When I think I'm done, I've achieved all I wanted too, I make a new goal, a bigger goal, and see where it goes".

She's available for nail-art training, business building techniques, & motivational speaking. She can be reached at