Nail Art Photo Tutorial

Have you ever had that moment where you've just shocked yourself with the awesome nails you've just created? Your mind immediately says "let me take a picture of those". Only problem is...the photo looks like crap! What you're seeing from the human eye, is not even captured in the photo eye. Well today, we're going to address those problems and hopefully you'll have much better photos for future nails!
FIRST: I don't know anyone who uses a real camera anymore, so first thing you're going to need is a GOOD photo app. Here's the one I'm using today. It's available for iPhone or android, and it's FREE!


Next, you'll need a really good light source. Glitter is the devil when trying to photograph and needs super-duper lighting to capture that sparkle. I use the OPI tru-view station. If you don't have that, another really good source is the flashlight on your phone. NOTE: not the camera flash but the flashlight! 

Ok, look at your clients hands. Are they wrinkled? Do they have blemishes, or are you too far away and see more of the towel that you do your work? Are their fingers pointing down? Remember, we're only going to see what's in your photo. We don't see all of your hard work in detail. 

Take several shots to ensure you're going to get lucky and have a good one. Now, follow these steps to the "T" and you'll have an awesome photo! 

Crop in your picture. (please keep in mind, these are screen shots and are somewhat blurred...not a result of the app)

Click on the ladies head to adjust your lighting...this little feature is a lifesaver if your lighting is too dark. It not only brightens your photo, but softens the clients skin folds!

You'll end up with something like this. There are many filters if you want to choose one of those as well...use your discretion. I'm just giving you the steps to create the most natural look to your pictures.

You could really stop here, but I always watermark my photo (your name or salon name), and then choose a frame if you wish. There are literally hundreds in this app. 

Now let me show you some before and after shots of glitter nails. You'll see how just a few tweaks can really make that glitter shine and sparkle. 

Now you tell me, which of the photos do you want to represent your work? Once you get the hang of it, it takes no more than five minutes to do your edits. 

In OUR business, a picture is worth a thousand dollars, not a thousand words! 

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