March--Famous Names

What is a Virtual Design Team? A group of talented Nail Artists given the SAME product and having fun figuring out HOW MANY WAYS we can use it!

How often will we see your posts? Every month there will be a new sponsor and a new challenge. We want you to play along with us.

Who can play along? Any licensed nail professional / cosmetologist or beauty school student.

How long do we have to participate? Each challenge stays up an entire month and you can enter as many submissions as you'd like.
We're here to share tips & tricks of some of the industries BEST & ways you can make extra money with things you have sitting on your shelf!

This month, our sponsor is Famous Names. They generously sent each team member Dadi Oil, Dadi Lotion, Base & Top Coat. We have put those products to use in ways you won't imagine!

Please take a look at what was done by each DT Member.
Click on each of our designers names to go directly to their sites so you can see what was used for their project. Many of the designers are having give-a-ways so be sure you check out all of them.

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Paula My client has been using nothing but Dadi Oil and Dadi lotion for over 60 days. She had very dry cuticles, her nails were beginning to separate at the free edge and her skin was beginning to dry. 
The transformation is remarkable! The nails healed themselves and her skin/cuticle are extremely hydrated. Her skin tone is even brighter and more even.

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Danielle  I gave my client a mini bottle of Dadi Oil . We are so pleased with the progress that we have seen since she began using it daily.  I use it on my clients each day and we see instant results. As a professional manicurist I highly recommend this product. 

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Yubi Mani/Pedi. Gentlemen aromatherapy pedicure. Eucalyptus suger scrub and Eucalyptus scented lotion.

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Mary Meet my niece Ariana, she hates shampooing and combing out her hair. I've tried every detangler known to man, so I took the oil and lotion and made my own. She brushed out her own last night!

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Angela Let’s be real. At some point between lack of sleep, allergies, dry skin and simply aging, the skin under our eyes can make us look tired and show signs of getting older. This serum aims to fight those signs of aging and combat dry skin. Famous names Dadi’ Oil is 95% certified organic formula has fabulous essential oils to add into my DIY Eye Serum! Adding additional oils such as Rosehip oil, lavender, frankincense, along with caffeine, vitamin C and a few other secret ingredients I have found an amazing formulation! A perfect travel size with a cooling soothing rollerball in a jar. Just look at my results!

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Dana Dadi Oil bath bombs with glitter!

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Leila * Dadi oil project*
I took a wooden keepsake box and treated it with Dadi oil. The one move flowers are created with oil paints. Stones are placed and sealed with the top coat. I've noticed the box got darker over a few days. I sell these boxes and I can barely keep up with the orders! Oh i top coated the glitter with the base coat.

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Frances Clients daily use of both Dadi Oil & Dadi Lotion.

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Starr Respecting the integrity of the brand and Dadi oil being 95% organic. I combined the Luxury Lotion and Dadi oil with cocoa butter and beeswax made from a local beekeeper in my area. I infused the oil with Calendula then set the end result in a ladybug candy mold creating my own Lotion Bar. 
I then used the base coat I was given & mixed with Wildflowers micro glitters to create my flowers with wire. Top coat sealed each petal & put a crystal in the center. Using every product I was given. 

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Betsy What a difference a week makes! Sharon works in an office environment and the daily filing, typing, copying as well as cold Winter temperatures take a toll on her hands and nails. 
In the photos, her natural nails and the skin around them is very dry, cracked, and extremely painful to the touch and the use of Isopropyl Alcohol. She was given a manicure and sent home with Dadi Oil and Luxury Dadi Lotion. One week later and Wow what an improvement! The skin is healing and no longer painful using Acetone or Isopropyl Alcohol. Her cuticles are more hydrated as well as softer and diminished in size. Sharon will be a Dadi Oil and Lotion user for years to come.

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Ms. TishSugar scrub and a shower spray! 
Made with - 
~coconut oil, 
~food coloring
~Pink sugar scrub with Frankincense oil 
~Green Sugar Scrub with peppermint and eucalyptus oils
~Purple sugar scrub with lemon and lavender oils 
Shower spray made with 
~coconut oil,  
~Luxury Dadi’ lotion, 
~peppermint and eucalyptus oils
~witch hazel.

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Jennifer I used the Dadi Oil and Lotion faithfully for 2 1/2 weeks. These are the before and after pics. I love this stuff!! 

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Priscilla Made using Dadi' oil, sugar, goats milk soap base, and mica powder for coloring.

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Debbie My husband was the perfect test subject for both the oil and the lotion. Even in Michigan winter, he insists on wearing shorts to work. His legs are so dry that even his male coworkers said he needed some lotion. He’s tried other name brand lotions but none seem to really make a difference. We were amazed by how well the Luxury Dadi Lotion and Dadi oil helped his legs. I’ve attached both before and after pictures. We put the lotion on the left leg and the oil on the right. In the end he preferred the Luxury Dadi Lotion to the oil, just because of the feel, but both worked great.

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Cathy Dadi Oil Lip Balm! Cathy says her family is hooked on this and has given her strict orders, she must keep making it!

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Julia  This month's project was a wonderful blessing to a hard working mother.

I took the before photos, with nothing on her nails 4 weeks ago. 
She has diligently used the Dadi oil and lotion on natural nails daily and the Lumos weekly.
Wow what an impressive improvement!

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Robin IBX Boost was a perfect solution. It’s a soak off gel that is strong & durable like hard gel, allowing me to remove it easily and keep a close watch on the health of the nail. My procedures below: 
• groom & prep natural nail & cleanse with Cinnatize
• IBX Repair Treatment• IBX Boost system gel sculpted
• Finish filing & shaping
• Top with gel polish
• Finish with Dadi Oil & Dadi Lotion

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Natalie Star Track Athlete uses Dadi Oil for Manicure and Waves. I mixed the Dadi Lotion and Dadi Oil.

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Tracy Weston
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Ginger Dadi Oil & lotion added with Tea Tree & last photo Lumos base & top added for shine, I called this the "Mens Collection"


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