January Sponsor, Light Elegance

What is a Virtual Design Team? A group of talented Nail Artists given the SAME product and having fun figuring out HOW MANY WAYS we can use it!

How often will we see your posts? Every month there will be a new sponsor and a new challenge. We want you to play along with us.

Who can play along? Any licensed nail professional / cosmetologist or beauty school student.

How long do we have to participate? Each challenge stays up an entire month and you can enter as many submissions as you'd like.

We're here to share tips & tricks of some of the industries BEST & ways you can make extra money with things you have sitting on your shelf!

This month, our Sponsor was Light Elegance. They sent every Design Team Member a trial set of gels. They were to use those gels along with any other product they wished to create a set of nails, a 3D project, wearable art....whatever their hearts desired.

Thank you, Light Elegance, for your generous donation. Please take a look at what was done by each DT Member.

Click on each of our designers names to go directly to their sites so you can see what was used for their project. Many of the designers are having give-a-ways so be sure you check out all of them.


Tracy has created a dramatic set of chocolate and white nails using Light Elegance "Furs & Dames" and "Big Diamond". Her snowflake is made from a custom mixed white acrylic and Wildflowers Nails Powdered Sugar No. 7. 
Paula has created a STUNNING vintage pendant using the Light Elegance hard gels. The soft blue & white create a wintry feel and the sugar skull cameo is to die for! 
Danielle has fashioned for you three lovely pair of earrings using glitter and Light Elegance hard gel.
And...it just happened to snow the day she needed to take her photos! What a lovely backdrop. 
Yubi has fashioned her very first set of stiletto nails! Yay, Yubi, they are on point for sure! She's used everything in the kit SPLENDIDLY! 
Mary pulled a fast one on us creating this beautiful trinket dish! How creative...she even made the hearts and stars from the red gel that was in our kits! GENIUS 
Many of you know Angela as the Pro-Tip Clip lady. She's also a phenomenal nail artist specializing in Swarovski crystal work. I love her color combo she chose for this set.
Dana is our assistant coordinator and I knew her nails were stunning, but her jewelry....WOWZA! I had no idea. Look at this intricate mermaid she sculpted from gel! She even made the wire chain its on! 
Leila is always the life of the party so I'd expect nothing else from her nail art! She has an awesome video on her page of this interactive masterpiece. She's known as the "Nail Queen" in our group of ladybugs.
Frances, our glitter queen,  has created for you this beautiful water-globe brooch. When you turn it from  side to side, it's filled with delicate snow flakes...and glitter.  She has a cool video on her page where you can see it in action. 
Starr has outdone herself on the beautiful set of winter nails. The hand-painted accents are such a nice  touch and the added bling is the perfect touch on a cold, dreary day. 
Betsy has done a sweet set of almond shaped nails accented with snowflakes and bows. Her attention to detail and chosen color palette will warm you up on a chilly winter day.
Of all the projects submitted, this one brought a tear to our eyes. The baby shown on these nails, sadly passed away. This is how Mom wanted to remember her. I'm sure there wasn't a dry eye in that nail studio when these were finished. Good work Ms. Tish
Jennifer had never used hard gel in her life until she came to our training. Not only did she master it, she's the only one that did her project on toes! And that photograph is to die for! 
Priscilla used every bit of everything that was in the kit from Light Elegance. These pointed almond nails are so beautifully done and have a romance about them that reminds us....Valentine's Day is just around the corner. 
Debbie has really pushed herself outside of her comfort zone. This sweet snowman pendant would make the perfect addition to any outfit! I love the texture that she's incorporated. 
Lynz has hit it spot on with these winter stilettos. Her work is tight and very neatly pulled together. We are all so excited for her because shortly after these nails were completed, she found out she is going to be a mommy!
Cathy shocked us all when she posted this matching pendant and earring set made with Light Elegance hard gels. I think every single one of us secretly wanted her to auction these and for us be the highest bidder. 
Julia has given us a great example of how to do a french mani with added bling. This glitter gel is to die-for and she has captured them so well in her sparkly photograph.
Robin chose to do a sugar skull pendant with 3D roses made from gel. Her attention to detail is so prevalent and I love how she staged her photograph for her wearable art.
Eileen has outdone herself with her winter themed 3D art. She has even handmade the jewels on her nails from gel. Everything is so neat and tidy in this design.
Natalie has chosen to give us two designs, each one as special as the other. I have watched this artist grow over the last year and make a complete turn around with her work and how she runs her business.
Tracy chose to showcase the Light Elegance red gel that was in our kits called "Sexy Red Stiletto". Her white winter snowflake is a crisp contrast against the red background.
Ginger has given us a cozy manicure with hot coffee and chocolate chip cookies. How creative! She may not know it, but this color combo she's used was one of Marylin Monroe's 
 favorite to wear.
Contest ends January 31.
Grand prize will be a set of CND Master Artist Brushes and a Spa Pampering Package from KB Shimmer